Mr Phil Robinson

I'm a visual artist based in Preston, Lancashire currently working on a collection of paintings to raise awareness of chronic auto-immune disease.

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My Sketchbook

I use an A5 sketchbook to do quick notes or practice certain techniques. I love drawing with just a graphite pencil and thought I would share a few of these. Most of them are done on the train.

Sphere Sketch

Sphere studies are great for practicing light and shading. Sphere studies are very unforgiving as there is little to no detail to cover any mistakes. I think it makes good practise to draw them freehand.

Eye Sketch

Eyes are the most detailed part of the face and hold alot of expression. I drew this one to practice giving texture and form to the iris.

Bargue Plate 1

I'm studying classical drawing so I'm following the techniques taught in the atelier schools. This was fairly sketchy for a Bargue Plate not using much measuring at all.

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