Mr Phil Robinson

A visual artist from Preston, Lancashire.

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About me...

I always drew a lot as a child, art was very important to me and over 25 years ago I moved to Preston to attend Art School. I ended up changing path and instead had a successful career in creative technology.

I always had plans to return to drawing and painting but like most people I just never really found the time. I have maintained an academic interest in art and humanities though. I have degrees in Archaeology and Egyptology and recently I completed a Masters degree in Museum and Art Gallery Studies.

I started to draw again in 2018 and took a short drawing course at the Ruskin School of Art. I now draw daily and I've also started a year long mentorship in impressionist oil painting studying under the modern impressionist Colley Whisson. In 2019, one of my paintings was short-listed for the Refresh Art Award.

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