Mr Phil Robinson

I'm a visual artist based in Preston, Lancashire currently working on a collection of paintings to raise awareness of chronic auto-immune disease.

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Sitting Duck

Public spaces can be challenging when you have a compromised immune system.
A train can feel like an enclosed tube of people sneezing, coughing and breathing each others air.
I feel like a sitting duck, like I should travel everywhere in a protective suit.

Concept Sketch

For "Sitting Duck", I started with a very rough sketch of the scene to explore the idea. Just a few quick lines to think about placement in the scene.

I wanted to express the feeling of being in a confined space when you're at risk. For me this is most common on train journeys.

Rough Layout

I followed this up by a slightly finer sketch and added in a few more details to check the composition.

Auto-immune Disease is an invisible illness and others on the train do not know the problems their slight cold could cause. When people are coughing and sneezing around me I feel like I should be wearing a hazmat suit everywhere I go.

Colour Planning

I wanted the scene to show a single passenger, seated in the centre of the image and wearing a protective suit. All the other passengers would be sleeping.

I wanted the guy in the hazmat suit to be doing some ordinary train activity, suchas reading a book or using a laptop.

Lighting and Shading

I added test shading to the suit early on as I wanted it to make it look plastic and needed to check the light. I also wanted two separate light sources. The light outside, bright and open, the clean, green, fresh outdoors. The light inside, artificial, yellow and dim.

The separation between the outside and inside was important in this scene so I did some colour tests with rough shading to work out how the light should interact.  

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