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Contemporary fine artist and visual storyteller

Work in progress - "In a city"

I'm currently working on a new series of paintings with the working title "In a city". The plan is to present a narrative of urban life by making composite paintings from explorations in several UK cities. As I travel I look for stories that show the different, often conflicting, layers of daily city life. The resulting work will often show opposing views within the same image. For example, illustrating the creativity of inner-city gardeners alongside the industrial workings of the city. The homeless population living alongside the wealth the city attracts. The juxtaposition of daily living with daily shopping.

In the quick sketches here, people have been "collected" from different locations and placed together to create a crowd interacting the way that I want them to. Some are from quick reference sketches others are from photographs I've taken along the way. All of my scences will be created and populated using this composite method.

The paintings will form only one part of the outcome of this project. Additionally, any sketches, notes, drawings, and reference images will also form part of the final work. As I work, I shall be recording and blogging about my explorations and documenting the creative process; the journeys made, the locations and the people met along the way. This will all form a part of the overall narrative of this project and may be integrated into the final work.

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