Sketch Book

Indian Singing Bowl

My wife brought this small brass bowl back from India and I liked the texture and reflections so I drew it with pastel pencils.

Gravy Jug

This jug respresent family roast dinners and the time we have shared together eating them so I drew with chalk on coloured papaer.


This kangaroo looked like he had seen something interesting in the distance. He stood up like he was part Meerkat and I wanted to see if I could capture that inquisitive look.


I wanted to capture the happy expression of this violin player with as few lines as I could. This was a fairly quick sketch using a reference.


Drawing makes the commute much easier to cope with. This sketch of Churchill was done mostly on the train in about 3.5 hours.

Train Sketch

Another of my sketches of historical figures. This time David Lloyd George (British prime minister during the first world war) I drew on the train.

Outdoor Sketching

Trees a great subject to sketch, they're full of character but stand very still for you. This is the first time I sketched out in public and was at Christchurch Meadow in Oxford.

Bargue Plate 1

I love classical drawing so I sometimes practice the techniques taught in the atelier schools. This was fairly sketchy for a Bargue Plate not using much measuring at all.

Sphere Sketch

Sphere studies are great for practicing light and shading. Sphere studies are very unforgiving as there is little to no detail to cover any mistakes. I think it makes good practise to draw them freehand.


These are very quick interpretations of a human skull. The skull was rotated by the tutor every 5 mins. I drew this one upside-down and was surprised to see how it looked once it was rotated.

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