Combination Therapy

My first couple of months of "combination therapy" felt like I was thrown in at the deep end.
I remember sinking, my family taking the dog for a walk, the sun light came streaming through the open door.
I was aware of them but knew it was impossible for me to reach them through the fog of medication.

Sinking below

The idea was to create an underwater scene to represent the sinking feeling I got as the world started to blur during medication. 


At the top of the water, out of reach, is my family preparing to walk the dog. The open door a blast of sunlight that pushes me even deeper. 

Out of Reach

I wanted to show the sense of sinking and chose a first person perspective to illustrate this with my hands reaching out to my family above.

Sunlight Explosion

Finally I wanted the open door to the outside world as an extreme light source to the scene. A blast of sunlight that could have thrown me into the waters.

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