Concept Art

The following are digital concept paintings and a cover I put together for Commando Comics.

Cover Detail

A Hellcat Tank Destroyer chasing down a Tiger tank in the snow.

WHSmiths Shelfie

Great to see my work on sale in a High Street store.

Commando Credit

As a fan of the comic it was great to see my name on the credit page too

Rough planning work

I did a rough plan to compose the scene and choose the component elements and where they should fit so as to not clash with title overlays that may be added later.

Smoke detail

The story involves a fuel tanker on fire and a rescue mission at sea. I wanted to add some dramatic smoke and include a little more of the story on the cover.

Finished painting

I'm pleased with how this turned out. I spent quite a lot of time on the sea to try and add the lighting from the fire in a semi realistic way. I also wanted the to get the material right on the dinghy.

Rough planning work

This was for a wraparound cover so I wanted to ensure that the downed plane continues the narrative on the back portion of the cover.

Downed plane detail

I play some WWII flight simulator games in VR and I love spitfires so wanted to make the Spitfire the focus and keep the BF 109 planes in the background. The story is of a airborne duel between rival fighting aces!

Finished painting

I enjoyed this one as it's a topic I like. The colours are an unusual choice but I wanted to create a feeling of a wartime sky not a nice blue sky on a sunny day.

Rough work

This was a more complicated scene to layout so I spent a bit more time on the planning. I wanted to create a darker evening scene lit mostly by fire.

Tank detail

I wanted to create some feeling of the tank emerging from the shadows while the soldiers setup the PIAT to try and stop its advances.

Finished painting

This was also a good experiment in lighting. The story takes place in the early evening as they are losing daylight and I wanted to create the atmosphere of battle fatigued town.

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