Exhibition Paintings

I sometimes create artworks intended for exhition. Here I have some chalk drawings I've done to celebrate my move to Kirkcudbright. A few pictures that were exhibited and three paintings that highlight the everyday problems people with autoimmune diseases experience.

Southerness Lighthouse

The south coast of Scotland can be one of the most peaceful places I know. This day at Southerness Beach was silent with a beautiful blue sky as a backdrop for the distinctiuve lighthouse.

Criffel Hill

One of the most iconic views in Dumfries and Galloway is the sight Criffel emerging on the landscape. I always enjoy seeing it and the feeling of returning home that it brings.

Dhoon Beach

The light of Scotland always feels different to other places, the colours sneak out of landscapes. This day at Dhoon Beach was awash with purple and lilac lighting.

Scottish Portrait Awards (Finalist)

I was a finalist in the Scottish Portrait Awards in 2021 with an Exhition in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumfries.

Refresh Art Awards (Finalist)

I was a finalist in the Refresh Art Awards with an exhibition London in 2019. See Sitting Duck below.

Society of Scottish Artists 30x30

I had three works displayed and sold at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art in Edinburgh in 2021.

Combination Therapy

The effects of medication can take some getting used to. This first piece "Combination Therapy" is an exploration of how I felt for the first few months of taking Methotrexate and Hydroxyclhoroquine Sulphate.

The Summit

Travelling to work with reduced mobility brought new challenages that I hadn't experienced before. Things I've never even notice before became great obstacles. "The Summit" is about making everyday choices that others may take for granted.

Sitting Duck

Auto-immune Diseases are treated by dampening down an over-active immune system. While this can have great results in calming disease activity it leaves me open to infection and I feel like I need protection from the world.

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