The Summit of Oxford Road Station

There is a lift at the end of the platform that will take me to the trains but the stairs are closer.
Do I go for short-term difficulty and climb the stairs or risk missing the train and add an hour to my journey.
Everyday choices can become colossal decisions when your mobility is limited.

The Staircase

The stairs are based on the various sets of steps at Oxford Road railway station in Manchester. They don't look quite like this any more as they have now been refurbished so I had to use some reference images to get them how they are in my head.

The Climber

The climber was intended to be a dual image that linked the stairs and the environment. An explorer with climbing poles and a commuter with walking aids.

The mountains

I wanted to show distance in the scene, an acheivement for reaching the summit.


I created a central lighting, high up, brightly lit but fading toward the edges to try and create a sense of an expansive backdrop.

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