I've had a lifelong interest in combining images with the printed word and I have always enjoyed the use of visual language as a form of art. In particular, I like languages that use pictorial elements, iconography and glyphs. I've worked for 35 years in reprographics, website design and application development. This background and a love of drawing, carving and creating has led me to wanting a physical space where I could create works using traditional printing methods. You can visit Kirkcudbright Letterpress Studio at:

Garage Printshop

This was my first attempt at building a printing workshop in the garage. It was cold. In fact it was too cold to use for most of the year but it's where I learned to print and produced my first inky creations. I've spent many hours in there sorting fonts and composing printing plates and ideas.

Block Biography

Each letter block has a story to tell even though we may never know what that story is. These old printing blocks have had a life, the've survived their redundancy, not been repurposed in a craft project and made it into my collection to live again and be used for their orignal intended purpose, to be printed with.


Collecting old wooden fonts is not easy. Finding full sets is almost impossible as they often get split up for craft projects. Fonts stored in damp garages and attics are often in poor condition. Sometimes they're full of woodworm, split or too worn to use. It's a labour of love, finding and restoring these to functional working items.

Eco Printing

Printing can be quite harsh on the environment. I only use environmentally safe products for printing and for cleaning. No plastics are ever used, no glitter, no microplastics, no plastic wraps. My products, inks, glues and envelopes are all Vegan friendly. The paper I use is 100% recyclable and sustainable and wherever I can papers will include a high proportion (often 100%) of recyclable materials.

Greeting Cards

I sometimes carve out greetings cards to sell at fairs. These are original artwork, drawn and carved freehand then hand printed, finished and coloured. They're printed on FSC certified sustainable card using environmentally friendly vegan inks. They include 100% recycled paper envelopes sealed with with vegan (potato starch) gum. They are sold in recycled paper bags so no plastic, no glitter, no microplastics.

Kirkcudbright Letterpress Studio

I sometimes have an open studio to visit and also run workshops. You can find out about events on my other website or by following my facebook page.
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