Mr Phil Robinson

Curator and Artist from Preston, Lancashire

Work in progress - "Drawing in the Park"

I'm currently working on a new series of drawings to accompany my outdoor drawing sessions. Each of these drawings will be of trees situated in Hurst Grange Park which contains a wide variety of interesting trees. They will serve as examples for the community arts programme which I'm delivering as part of my Continuing Art project.

I'm currently reading and learning as much as I can about the varieties and their distinctive features in preparation. The drawing sessions are intended to use art as a learning tool and allow non-artists to learn about trees through the process of drawing. These sessions will take place in the beautiful setting of Hurst Grange Park in Penwortham and each week we will be exploring and drawing a different variety of tree. It is intended that participants will learn and develop basic drawing skills as well as studying the trees, branches, bark, leaves and seeds.

The project has gained approval of South Ribble Borough Council and the Friends of Hurst Grange Park but is currently on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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